DOCUMENTARY; 46’00’’ ; 2012; Turkey

Director / Producer / DOP / Montage

Hydroelectric plant trouble stroke erzurum bağbaşı village in the East of Turkey, along with many others. Legal and physical struggle of several years has turned against the habitants, due to the pressure of the contractor. One of the unbelievable verdicts is for Leyla, an 17-year-old girl: she is prohibited from talking to any villagers. Villagers who faced with the state violence for the very first time in their lives, though sentenced to silence and thirst, naturally, continue their everyday lives.

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  • Best Documentary - Mountain Films Festival, Turkey, March 2012
  • Yılmaz Güney Honourary Award, Turkey, March 2012
  • Mension Award, Ayvalık International F. F., Turkey, June 2012
  • Special Jury Award-Architecture & Urban F.F., Istanbul, Oct 2012

  • In the Blink of a Bird Exhibition, nGbK, Berlin, April 2019
  • BSB Human Rights Video Center, Istanbul, July 2018
  • Ecozine International Film Festival, Spain, May 2018
  • No (B)order Exhibition, Kunstpunkt, Berlin, May 2018
  • EmbraceOurRivers, Goethe Institute, India, March 2018
  • Human Rights and Democracy Films, Turkey, December 2014
  • International Golden Safran Film Festival, Turkey,Sept 2013
  • It’s Open Documentary Marathon, Istanbul, May 2013
  • Environmental Film Festival, France, February 2013
  • Izmir Human Rightd Film Days, Turkey, December 2012
  • Tüpisch Türkish Film Festival, Germany, November 2012
  • Cinema Verite Iran International Documentary F. F., Iran, 2012
  • Ece Ayhan Meeting, Turkey, October 2012
  • Hasankeyf Film Days, Turkey, October 2012
  • International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Istanbul, Sept 2012
  • September 12th Museum Of Shame Films, Turkey, Sept 2012
  • Karaburun Science Congress, Turkey, Septemebr 2012
  • Zanzibar International Film Festival, Tanzania, July 2012
  • Films for Climate, Turkey, June 2012
  • Sinemardin International Film Festival, Turkey, May 2012
  • Documentarist, Istanbul, May 2012
  • Dersim Human Right Film Festival, Turkey, May 2012
  • Filmamed Documentary Film Festival, Turkey, May 2012
  • Ege Documentary Film Days, Turkey, May 2012
  • Labour Film Festival, Turkey, May 2012
  • Gola Nature Films Festival, Turkey, April 2012
  • İzmir International Film Festival, Turkey, April 2012
  • İstanbul International Film Festival, Istanbul, April 2012
  • Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey, March 2012
  • Turkish Radio-TV Documentary Awards, Istanbul, March 2012
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