DOCUMENTARY; 6’43’’; 2007; Turkey

Director / Camera / Montage

dedicated to the muted women

The ‘white prince’ myth of patriarchy eventually reaches to the tradition called ‘practicing-brideness’. The new bride is forbidden to speak with her father-in-law and older male relatives according to the rules of this tradition. Her voice is not welcomed. It is even told that some brides pass a life-time without making their voice heard by their father-in laws. Bride’s voice is heard only when she is allowed to do so.

Produced during the ethnographic video workshop organized in cooperation with NihAnkara (Netherlands Institution of Higher Education) and KozaVisual.

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  • Nihankara DVD Selection, 2007
  • Sadho Poetry Film Festival, India, 2007
  • Festival on Wheels, Turkey, 2008
  • Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey, 2008
  • Video Vortex, Turkey, 2008
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Co-Director: Efsun Düriye
Poem: 'childhood of god' by Bejan Matur (with the courtesy of)
Translation of poem: Ruth Christie
Translation: Efsun Düriye